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Beat the competition with our Plastic Pouch Hangers specially designed for the soap industry

The number of brands selling a variety of soaps is staggering. In order to ensure that you continue to reach your customer base, Orange Plastic offers you customizable soap hangers that can fit pouches as well as boxes on display. Print and TV advertising can help your brand get recognition and improve awareness as compared to your competitors, but if they are unable to locate it quickly at a retail store, there are many more brands hoping to get their attention. This kind of loss could lead to a quick dip in sales revenue even if you’re product quality and marketing campaigns are excellent.

Why use Orange Plastics Display Pouch Hanger for your soap brands?

  • Quick accessibility for customers
  • Constant visual simulation increasing brand awareness over time
  • Well fit plastic pouches on hangers to comfortably fit soaps sold in pouches and boxes
  • Increased number of retailers carrying your merchandise due to convenience and limited space display
  • Gets your brand noticed apart from the large sea of competitors
  • Can display entire range of fragrances comfortably

An important point to remember is that with these consumer products the main competition occurs at the retail shop level. It is imperative for you to get your brand displayed at the front and center away from the competition, where customers can easily access and notice your brand.

We offer a variety of combinations in our Plastic Pouch Hangers for Soap with varying columns and number of pouches, and would also be willing to customize hangers based on your preferences. Furthermore, we directly ship the Display Pouch Hanger to your factory outlets allowing you to send them to your retailers with the finished product.

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