OTC Product Hanger

Intrigue and encourage customers to purchase new products with our Display Pouch Hangers

When introducing a new product or trying to increase sales of an existing product, the location of the product in the store is critical. With an abundance of products and increasing competition in every segment, it is easy to be forgotten or left out. However, by using our light weight hangers, shopkeepers can strategically place your product in areas where a customer is more likely to notice and purchase them. In the OTC Products industry, which are largely an impulse purchase, this is of utmost importance.

Orange Plastics Hangers for retail shops encourage push marketing with the following:

• Constant visibility leading to increased brand awareness
• Strategic locations and easy access for customers
• Transparent pouches to clearly display the bright colours and unique designs of your packaging

Whether retailers want to store them near the shelves or hang your products near the checkout counter, our light weight hangers can be placed anywhere easily. They take minimum space allowing retailers to stock more product as well as make it easier for customer to notice and purchase the product.We offer several pre-designed pouches but would be happy to customise a hanger especially for your requirements as well.


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