Khani Pouch Hanger

Display multiple Khaini pouches with our Plastic Pouch Hanger

A popular form of smokeless tobacco, Khaini has been gaining widespread popularity across regions. This has also led to numerous flavours being introduced for this product by several brands. To ensure that your brand is visible and accessible to customers above your competitors, it is important for shopkeepers to display it correctly. This is where our light weight, clear Display Pouch Hangers come into play.

Why use Orange Plastic’s Hanger for retail shops?

• Store multiple selection of Khaini on hangers
• Use minimum space while granting maximum convenience, encouraging stores to retail your brand
• Transparent pouches that enhance visibility of your product design over time
• Ease of access for customers encouraging them to pick your brand

Our hangers are sent directly to your factory outlets so that you can send them to the retailers at the same time as your product, greatly enhancing their convenience and allowing them to instantly stock and display your product.Further, our designs such as 1*4 (one column with 4 pouches) or 5*5 (5 columns with 5 pouches), among others are perfect to host a number of selections in a convenient manner. If you would like us to customize a Hanger for you, please give us a call and we would be happy to do so.


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