henna cone hanger Mahandi tube Hanger

Store cone shaped designs easily in our customized Plastic Pouch Hangers

In an attempt to increase convenience for the customers manufacturers are increasingly selling henna in easy to use cones. However, storing these cones can be quite a task for the retailers. Owing to their shape, they don’t fit well in cartons and piling them over one another can lead to leakage and subsequent damage. Further, using multiple storage options greatly restricts the space in the shop, causing many store owners to decline from selling the product.

Why use Orange Plastic’s Advertisement Pouch Hanger?

• Individual pouches to avoid any mess from leakage
• Light weight hangers that can be pushed to one side of the shop, using minimum space
• Customized designs to store henna cones thus causing product to fit easily
• Easy access for shopkeepers and customers

Using our customized pouch hangers enables shopkeepers to easily store and sell your product. Furthermore, we send our hangers to your factory outlets so that you can send them to the retailers at the same time as the finished product, greatly enhancing everyone’s convenience. While we have some popular pre-designed hangers, we are also happy to customize them for you based on your requirements.

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