glue tube Hanger

Minimise mess and maximise accessibility with our Plastic Pouch Hanger

Glue tubes such as Fevicol and other Gluesticks fit perfectly in our tube hangers and are essential for retailers as they minimize the risk of leakage and any damage. Further, they are easy to store and take lesser space than a carton or box. A lot of companies are retailing gum based products in convenient to use tubes. However, storing these tubes can sometimes be a nightmare for retailers as they can get messy and run the risk of leakage. In some cases, retailers may even refuse to carry your product, thus reducing your market share.

How can Orange Plastics help?

  • Customized Plastic Pouch Hangers to store gum based tubes
  • Using minimum space while gaining maximum visibility encouraging retailers to stock your brand
  • Zero risk of damage to other products as each tube is in its own compartment
  • Compact and light weight Hangers that can be hung on a side wall

The Orange Plastics Display Pouch Hanger for tubes is the most efficient and convenient method of displaying your product. Our pouches are custom designed for these tubes allowing retailers to stock them with ease and without any worry. They are also extremely convenient for customers to access.

Our extensive range of Plastic pouch Hangers ensure there is something for everyone. However, if you have specific requirements in mind we are more than happy to create them for you as well. We also make sure to send these Hangers directly to your factory outlets so that you can send them to the retailers along with your final merchandise, making it easier for them to instantly display your product.

Give us a call to know how our Display Pouch Hangers can revolutionize your sales, increase brand awareness and improve relations with retailers.

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