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Which type of products suit this type of display?

The products appropriate to be used with our display plastic hanger are products packaged and ready to sell in small pouches or small cardboard box packaging. It suits Fast Moving Consumer Goods (FMCG) which already have light and attractive packaging. Example- Condom, Dhoopbatti, Biscuit, Soap, khaini, Pan Masala, Bindi, Hair Color, Henna Cone, Glue tube.

What is the material used in making these plastic display hangers?

Our products are made of regular laminates, Poly Propylene, BOPP and PVC films or a mixture of these.

How company’s brand can be print on these display hangers?

We have two options for printing company’s Brand on hangers –
1. One is complete rotogravure printing on hanger upto eight color printing options.
2. An offset printed brand card at the top of hanger upto six color printing options.

What is the necessary information that is to be given while placing an order for customized hangers?

We at Orange Plastics are committed to provide you quality solutions. For the purpose of getting yourself a customized Orange Plastics hanger you need to give the following specifications

a. We need information on the product
b. Size of the product
c. One piece/packet of product
d. And the number of Units of the product you want to put on display

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