Condom Box Hanger

Encourage people to purchase condoms conveniently with our Plastic Pouch Hangers

With a lot of stigma and taboo still attached to the concept of purchasing condoms, people find it very tough to go to store and ask the shopkeeper for condoms causing a lot of them to forgo it. However, with our Advertisement Pouch Hanger, shopkeepers can display the condoms on one side of the shop, providing customers with discreet and convenient access to it.

How does our Display Pouch Hanger help your product?

• Ease of access to customers that are uncomfortable to purchase this product
• Convenient storage for shopkeepers allowing them to display your condom brand in one section of the store.
• Increase in brand visibility and awareness

We at Orange Plastic’s understand how important visibility and access of a product is and the impact it can have on your sales. Our light weight Hangers allows retailers to store and display multiple pouches in a convenient manner.

We offer various designs such as 1*3 (one column with 3 pouches), 3*5 (3 columns with 5 pouches) and 5*5 (5 columns with 5 pouches), among others. If you would like us to customize a Hanger for you, please give us a call and we would be happy to do so.

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