Biscuits Pouch Hanger

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Improve your product sales with our Display Pouch Hanger for the Biscuit Industry

The perfect accompaniment for a cup of tea or coffee, biscuits have been gaining increasing popularity, popular with children, young adults and elders, these snacks are a must have in every home. Almost every retail store or kirana shop in every area stores a few packet of biscuits as they are always in demand. Using our Plastic Pouch Hangers for Biscuits will ensure that your brand is chosen by multiple shopkeepers to sell through their shop.

Why use Orange Plastics Display Pouch Hanger for your biscuits?

• Easy to store packets in individual sections
• Keeps the food fresh and away from other products that may affect it
• Ensures product remains damage free
• Enables easy access for customers and improves brand visibility

A common problem with biscuits in retail stores is the way they are stocked. Piled one on top of another, a lot of these packets are left with crushed biscuits, or multiple brands shelved together leading to diminished sales. With Orange Plastic’s hanger for retail shops, stores can easily display your products in a convenient and cleaner manner, encouraging customers to pick your brand over the competitors, thus increasing sales.


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