Bindi Pouch Hanger

     Bindi Packet & Pouch Display Hangers Manufacturer

Display your entire creative range of Bindi’s with our Plastic Pouch Hangers

Bindi’s are fast becoming a form of style statement among girls and women. Earlier associated mainly with married women, the new age designs seem to have captured the interest of young girls and working women. Intricate designs and bold colours encourage women to pick a design based on their personality. In fact, nowadays an increasing number of women are using Bindi’s in the corporate sector as well.

Display benefits with Orange Plastic Hangers

• Display multiple designs of Bindi’s in one hanger ensuring there is something for everyone.
• Clear transparent pouches that easily display the designs
• Plastic pouches that keep Bindi’s away from dust and heat thus keeping them clean
• Ease of visibility for customers looking to choose their design

We offer a variety of combinations in our Plastic Packet Hangers for Bindi with varying columns and number of pouches, and would also be willing to customize hangers based on your preferences.

While sober colours may be selected for daily wear, funky designs are becoming the new style statement at parties. So, display your creative line of Bindi’s easily with our light weight hangers. Choose from our designs such as 3*3 (three columns with 3 pouches), 2*5 (2 columns with 5 pouches) and 3*4 (3 columns with 4 pouches), among others. Or if you prefer, we can also customize a Hanger especially for you.


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