agarbatti hanger

Easy display of Agarbatti’s with different fragrances

The extensive range of fragrances in Agarbatti’s necessitates the need for separate display cases enabling customers to choose the scent they like. Our Plastic Display Pouches are perfect for retailers to stock several Agarbatti fragrances in different Hangers, while efficiently using space.

Nowadays, products like Agarbatti are being used by several people across location. Earlier associated mainly with temples and idol worship, the range of use for Agarbatti’s has increased manifold in the past few years. People light their favorite fragrance at homes, in offices and even in shops. However, most users have specific fragrances that they like and prefer to choose only amongst them. This is where our Plastic Pouch Hangers come in handy.

Advantages of using Orange Plastics Display Hanger:

  • Easy to display a variety of choices in one location
  • Clear plastic sheets allowing consumers to read the details on the pack easily
  • Convenient access for consumers to access your product
  • Light weight Hanger for retail shop encouraging shop keepers to sell your merchandise
  • Customized Display Hangers that are a perfect fit for your brand of Agarbatti

Further, an added advantage in using The Orange Plastics Pouches over other companies is in our customization. We have designed the Plastic Pouch Hangers specifically for the Agarbatti Industry keeping in mind the various styles and size of packaging.

Our Hangers are sent directly to your factory outlet allowing you to send them with the final merchandise to the retailers, thus greatly enhancing convenience.  Choose from a wide range of pre-designed Plastic pouch Hangers such as 1*3 (one column with 3 pouches), 3*5 (3 columns with 5 pouches), 5*5 (5 columns with 5 pouches) and many more combinations, or give us a call for a custom designed Hanger.

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