Welcome To The Orange Plastic


“Improve brand awareness and sales revenue with our customized Point of Sale Merchandising Tool”

The Orange Plastic is a leading organization specializing in providing display and packaging solutions for various brands. Our focus is on helping companies selling their products in small pouches or tiny boxes to gain maximum visibility amongst consumers and improve their sales revenue. For any brand to be able to succeed, achieving the right amount of visibility along with ease of product accessibility is critical.

What makes Orange Plastic different?

  • Customized Display Advertisement Hanger best suited to display your product based on industry
  • Top notch facilities ensuring consistency in our quality and rate of production
  • Prompt after sales services with a focus on complete customer satisfaction

The most common problem faced by manufacturing companies is lack of product display by the retailers. In most cases the retailers pay very little attention to product’s display, thus inefficiently clubbing it with other products of different competitors. With Orange Plastic’s customized Pouch Hangers, retailers can easily display your product, ensuring prompt visibility to all customers along with convenient access.

How can we help your business?

  • Improved visual display to increase brand awareness among customers
  • Ease of access leading to increase in sales revenue
  • Sleek and smart hangars encouraging more retail shops to carry your product
  • A budget friendly yet effective method of advertisement

Our primary goal is to display your products in such a manner that your band is the first thing that pops into a consumer’s mind when the need for that product arises. For any queries, or to know how we can customize your Hangers for your business, please get in touch with us and we would love to help.

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